Schools move ahead on IT Curve

Recently i was browsing through my friends mails and someone pinged about my school website. . I was so surprised to see an updated website and that too a regular one. compared to many corporate websites, this one is so well maintained across all categories. further more it linked into an Oracle site for Schools .

I was further surprised at the level of sophisticated projects created by students. mind you this is the K-12 category. the final straw was when I saw a winning entry on How to Create your own blog:

It shattered my long held view that schools , especially in India take a long time in catching up on the digital age. They have reversed the notion and put us experienced folks on the back of the IT curve. It also seemingly points to the coming of age of the Digital age. Future of IT remains as challenging as ever, this time from school children.

Guys, the real challenge is not recession in the economy, its recession in our mindsets.


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