2008 – Books I read

1. The Art of the Start – Guy kawasaki – Would be obscure if you havent done your own thing
2. My Country My life – LK Advani – Too voluminous
3. Singapore Story – Lee Kuan Yew – inspiration for this blog!
4. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki – Timing bad in 2008
5. Rich Dads guide to Investing – Robert Kiyosaki – Not a worthy Sequel
6. IT consulting – Forgot the authors – Must read for Practice mgmt
7. Rajanikanth – Gayathri whomever – Full of spelling mistakes
8. Black Swan – Nasseb T – Halfway completed; overdose of Middleeast scenario
9. Age of Innovation – Prahalad – Sponsored by ICICI; only invoked Yawns. of course he gave me a signed copy.
10. In the line of fire – Pervez Mushharaf – Good ghost writing
11. Purple Cow – Seth Godin – Not so purple

more to come…


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