Clouds Everywhere

More I read about clouds, more convinced I am on the disruptive nature of the clouds. The advances made in this field are awesome. most of the known problems in terms of security, scalability, business viability are solved. The standards provided by many Cloud forums are pathbreaking.

While Cloud is based on the notion of lower cost, for me its more about doing whats right as per common sense. maintaining massive IT depts and massive resources with equal amount of outsourcing are going to be a thing of the past.

There are several who argue Clouds will be co-exist with IT depts. I dont subscribe to this view point as once the critical volumes start coming down for traditional IT, it will no longer be viable to run.

For Clouds, the ultimate point would be when the current B2B moves to B2B2C and finally B2C. That threshold would be the point of explosive growth for Clouds.

Finally, 3 years would be the time window for traditional IT to morph. else the waterfall is not far away.


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