All Paths taken by the CIO to the Cloud

Pacific Crest Securities recently published the results of a survey of chief information officers (CIO) as regards cloud computing. The study found that CIO’s are finding the “path to the cloud” is more complicated than just signing up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or upgrading shares of EMC to Outperform from Neutral. Pacific Crest calls the revolution in cloud computing we’re experiencing “click to compute” and that there are ‘six pathways to the cloud’ including but not limited to SaaS and AWS: there’s also virtualization and automation, OpenStack, converged systems and services.

But EMC, as big as it is, hasn’t fallen prey to disruptive offerings from smaller, more nimble providers.  The traditional storage vendor has taken steps to diversify its portfolio and keep up with new technology.  When it comes to these six pathways to the cloud in particular, EMC has done a great deal in recent months to advance its efforts. Here is a collection of those recent advancements, broken down by “pathway”:


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