What am I Doing?

Quite frequently, Executives at large organizations ask themselves the same question:

Knack What am I doing?    I have met many senior folks who want to focus on their work, not on themselves and not on the logistics of how they do it. Many take this as a necessary evil, some dread it. Maybe there’s an answer to this. Its how Sony entrusted its key product to an outside consultant.

In his words:

“As a consultant, I did not manage employees,” he said. “I was not responsible for budgets. I didn’t give presentations to other Sony groups. I didn’t track progress on milestones. I didn’t negotiate contracts.”
In other words, he could focus on doing the work, communicating with groups inside and outside of Sony. It was like being the director on a game rather than a manager (responsible for employees) or a producer (in charge of the budget).

“The director’s role is to shape the shared vision and communicate it,” he said. “I’m free to think about where we need to be in five years.”

If the PS4 is a success, Cerny will get the credit. If it isn’t, well, he’s just a consultant.

Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/06/29/how-sony-entrusted-the-design-of-the-playstation-4-to-a-consultant/#f9VdSftmkpyal74F.99


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