Guide to OpenInnovation

openinnovation_J Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing and lead consultant for OVO Innovation, defines four Open Innovation approaches in the book A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. His typology is based on the operation of Open Innovation platforms; attending to those who participate in the challenges to be overcome and in the instructions to submit ideas.

Phillips’ four types of Open Innovation are the following:

  • Directed/ Invitational: Only invited firms/solvers can participate and the terms and conditions are established previously. This type is ideal to work with in small teams and reliable partners.
  • Directed/ Participative:Anyone can suggest ideas to solve a specific problem. This type is useful for board participation and seeking usual novel solutions.
  • Suggestive/ Invitational: Invited participants, with specific knowledge, can submit ideas about anything they believe that is important. This one is good for generating ideas.
  • Suggestive/ Participative: Anyone can submit an idea about any topic. The great advantage of this one is that it helps to spot consumers and market trends.

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