Digital Transformation : Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is not new to humanity. It existed ever since computing started in terms of shared mainframe resources. For those who were born after iPhones were invented, Time Sharing of computers were pioneered (okay , supposedly) by TymShare and its co-found Tom O’Rourke. There were supposedly c. 150 companies offering Timesharing services from 1964 to 1969. If you are the type who will want to be entertained by nuances of history, please check here.

In summary, Cloud computing is an Old wine in a new fancy bottle. We all understand Cloud Computing is one of the very important levers of Digital Transformation as we discussed last.  But Cloud computing that we refer to here is not the regular IaaS , PaaS , SaaS stories that has been discussed enough all over.

Cloud Computing of today & future can bring serious benefits to the benefits along the key tenets…

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