To be Successful in the Subscription Economy Apply a “Saasonomics Approach”

Diana Esparza

SaasonomicsBack in 2009 while doing my master in eBusiness Technologies, I was introduced to SaaS and Saasonomics: The “Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure”. I still remember when my professor mentioned this term for first time – Saasonomics comes from the word SaaS (software as a service) and was coined by Matt Shlosberg, a businessman who co-founded several firms in the SaaS field. Although this field is relatively new, numerous books and articles have been written about it. Indeed, Shlosberg wrote the first book on this topic: “Saasonomics 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Doing Business in the Cloud” – this book gives a brief introduction to the on-demand economy and helps readers understand economics of the software as a service business.

So what is Saasonomics? Saasonomics is a science that studies economics of on-demand computing. Although saasonomics looks at the on-demand industry as a whole, its main goal is to study the…

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