Android All the way…

4 years and later I make the move to Android and Samsung. I have grown up but Apple refuses to grow up to my needs and so…


NexGen Voice Commands from Google

Graphic of Google Now voice commands

Supercharge Your Salesforce Via Mobile Sales Enablement

Streamline your Conference calls…

Here’s yet another worthwhile free app for busy business folks.

MobileDay has enabled One-Touch into ANY conference call on ANY conference provider. The app syncs with your phone’s calendar and auto-detects the conference call details within your meeting invites. When you tap the green icon, MobileDay sends the conference sequence to the phone’s dialer, MobileDay Conference Callsinserting all the codes, pauses, #, *, and 1s for you.

With One-Touch into voice conferences and online meetings such as GoToMeeting®, Google+ Hangouts, WebEx®, Apple FaceTime, and Skype audio, joining meetings on the go has never been easier.

You even have the choice to make calls via your phone or a VoIP dialer.


Mobility at the Crossroads…