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5 Seconds of Engagement

Social is changing the world and heres the proof!

Social Media to Social Business

5 seconds of engagement !  Wow!  Why?   Because research shows that you have just 5 seconds to engage a customer before they decide to go to the competition

To turn customers into advocates you need to provide an experience that is compelling, relevant, empower and consistent.

If you succeed you, like some of our customers, can achieve increased revenue, increased effectiveness in outbound marketing , and increased customer satisfaction.

Childrens Medical Center Dallas is a great example!
They embedded social services in with personalized patient information to create a supportive and informative self service capability to transform their overall patient care process.    If patients come and get the relevant information they need, in a rich media experience they expect, then the digital experiences the medical center provides demonstrates that the staff knows their patients and what they need.  They retain their “patients” for 5 seconds!!!

This provided an increase…

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