Are your Apps Tested enough for the Real World


An Internet record was shattered the other day and few Westerners took notice.

On November 11, 2012 – known as “Singles Day” and “Double Sticks” – during their annual half-off sale, one company, Alibaba, who runs the Chinese equivalent of Amazon,, took in over US $3 Billion (RMB 19B) in revenue.

This beats the total sales of ALL US retailers for Cyber Monday 2011 by $1.75B!

What kind of traffic is this? Well, a lot more mobile than in the past.

Here are some great stats:

  • 10 million visitors in the first 60 seconds
  • PC to mobile user ratio of 3:1 (up from 5:1 last year)
  • The first hour saw 7 million mobile users drive $16M (RMB 100M) in transactions
  • Total mobile transactions of $150M (RMB 940M)
  • 40% of China’s Internet users were active
  • Bank transaction flow exceeded six times usual traffic

So coming to the real question for the real world : Are your Web applications and Apps Tested enough?  The major obstacle to testing at scale is ready access to hardware to simulate large numbers of users. Fortunately, help is close at hand.

Harness the Cloud. Utilize the ability to quickly dig into performance data while tests run assures that time is used wisely to fix issues instead of chasing their source long after tests conclude.  With access to practically limitless scale for testing and technologies build for the big data collected during large tests, compelling tests can be quickly deployed to simulate any real-world condition. For example:

  • Study and establish user experience baselines with real traffic from multiple geographies
  • Hit peak and beyond-peak load levels with real mobile and web traffic
  • Measure mobile user experience and hammer sites with a mix of mobile and web business scenarios from buying gifts to trading stocks
  • Tune your end-to-end infrastructure and third-party services for peak performance under stress conditions

So, who can provide these capabilities to your organization immediately?  To know more, do drop me a note – with your requirements. I can discuss in confidence. No obligations. No commitments required.