What MBA programs could have

In a new,fast world it looks simple enough but not much attention or effort goes into revamping MBA programs to suit real-world enterprises. some additions which could really provide the value that an MBA promises:

1. Networking : Beyond a cursory mention, the most important Business trait is never taught or practiced. without this any program is another program.
2. Sports(esp Golf): you may like it or not hate it, but sports is the place where theres automatice aligment of interests. Clients tend to see with more empathy in a trusting environ.
3. Culture: Culture appreciation in a globalized world is soon becoming a hygiene factor. Issue is not much research seems to have been done here.
4. Investments: People fail consistently-with their own money. even those who run big empires. the foundation was never laid in MBA and money generation is taken for granted.
5. Vacation : Developing countries still have a long way to go to appreciate the importance of vacations. The effect is akin to that of a burning candle. you dont notice till it burns out.

Wait for more….