Rich People, Rude People

I was recently reading a survey on Rich people conducted to check how behaviors change when you get money or become rich. The survey was surprising as it claims that Rich people are more rude than poor people and goes on to claim that the Rich are essentially rich because they are rude and really dont require others for survival; not so the case for poor people. The author goes on to claim this is an analogy to the food chain that as you go up the food chain , you eat others below you. So you dont really care for them(why would you if they are your lunch). Which in a way explains the impunity of all the Enrons and Satyams of the world. Possibly GE,Citibank,GM as you could list them. So the lesson seems to be that its better to be Rich than Poor – comparing to the food chain, at best you are rich or worse a rude Lion; or on the other end, at worse you are poor or at best you are a dumb vegetable.