I dont agree Mr.Seth Godin

There are times when you just dont agree with the gurus. that time came when i read Seths blog post on Goals. All of it re-teaches one thing – one must have goals to achieve excellence or achieve whatever. I cant but disagree on this. Recent events have only taught us that following a templatized way of looking or working in this world is fraught with risks. The more you structure the world, the more you are out of tune. becos the real world is chaotic. trying to fit the rules into our puny brains two dimensional way of thinking may be good in traffic systems. not everywhere else.

I have started to believe in Evolution of systems. Evolution in everything. Making a goal and breaking into milestones and following them may lead you somewhere tangible. But it will take away the beauty of life. The mystery of the future. This Goal oriented western concept needs to change. Change for the better. Else we will be successful in our goals. But Poor in life.

Sorry Seth. But I just dont agree.